2018 Best Crop: Surprise Luffa

March last year, we turned a bed of soil for wheat grass and rustled around luffa seeds I scattered still another season before, which cropped up a vine along the catio wall. Luffa, surprisingly, was our best 2018 crop.

Meanwhile I murdered another several tomato plants, so I continue track record for brown-thumbing nightshades.

In 2019 I’d like to grow more luffa, along with some bird gourds, and maybe lettuce, spinach, and/or chard.

I’m steering clear of corn, my other two-time failure, but of course I’ll keep trying for my black pineapple tomato. I’ll also skip cucumbers, but keep trying with my love in a puff bean crop.

Surely I can get tall sunflowers growing this year, outside the bedroom and office windows…


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