My Love for Ladybugs

In my elementary school years, on the weekends, my dad would often drive us up in a Frankenstein Volkswagen beetle—the old-school kind—to Big Bear Mountain to camp. One trip, we found ladybugs crawling by the thousands all over a granite rock, and since then, I’ve become obsessed.

The granite lock was likely a ladybug love hub:


Last year, we purchased ladybugs for our garden to help with the aphids; and this year, I’ve seen a few out there, but not nearly as many. Do I purchase them again?

We need to set up our timer and drip system. We have these things—I purchased them awhile ago, with money we were gifted for Christmas—but it’ll involve taking a day to work on the garden for several hours. And it can’t be tomorrow. I’m unsure if we have plans Friday. If we don’t, we’ll have to wait a few days, because there’s another heat spike this coming weekend.

Featured image from Pixabay user Free-Photos.