Two Practices to Calm My Mind

Today I’m sharing 2 of my 10 practices that help calm my mind when I’m anxious. If you’d like me to write more in-depth about any of my calming practices, just let me know… Or better yet, make a list of your own 10 calming practices—and maybe jot down 1-3 sentences of notes to jar your memory; that’s what I’m doing

Then you can add to your personal healing space.

#1 Blogging

I love, love, love to blog. I’ve been part of the radical transparency, Internet-logging lifestyle since the late 1990’s… it’s just been a matter of whether my writing’s been at Tripod, Geocities, LiveJournal, Facebook, or here at WordPress.

Here’s my current blogging schedule:

*These blogs receive two updates a week. Other blogs receive one update a week. 

I also have a Tumblr, although I’ve

#2 Coloring

I enjoy coloring books just as well as coloring my own doodles. I used to take drawing more seriously, but I haven’t set time aside for that as of late. I always feel like I’ve only the creative energy for so many mediums at once, and lately, I’ve been more interested in intentional line and abstract thought with inkwells and ink pens… So I stick to coloring books when I feel like colored pencil time.


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