Welcome to My Quest for Chicken

Hello, and welcome to My Quest for Chicken, my personal blog for documenting growth:

  1. in my gardens (this month is outdoors; next month is indoors; aquarium gardening is happening in the future too, because betta splendens);
  2. in my self-care skills (which I’m prioritizing for the first time in… in… uhh…);
  3. and in my meditation practice (I used to yoga; now I wobble stool).

Prototyping My Treatment Plan for Autistic Women with Adult Diagnosis

Today is day 2 of my 30-day challenge to boost my self-awareness—an autism-sensitive treatment plan I’m prototyping, in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month—which means I wrote:

  • 7 “I am” statements; 7 story ideas; and 7 gratitudes, as part of my 3×7 formula;
  • a blog entry (two of them, if you count this one I had auto-scheduled from my Kourtnie.net back-up queue!), as part of rediscovering my authentic self;

And I also meditated for 60min and gardened for 20min, with the understanding that I would seek light outward (i.e., sunlight) and inward (i.e., spiritually) for at least 20min, every day.

If this autism-sensitive treatment plan provides some of the much-needed stress management skills I’ve been lacking, then I’d like to create future 30-day challenges to focus on other self-care strategies:

  • Like many autistic people, I have my issues with hygiene, although as a woman, (and as a daughter of an awesome beautician,) my hygienic issues are only surface-level visible in my teeth… and that’s because I’m deathly frightened of dentists… Like, I’d rather take a bee-bee gun to my eye than get a filling. So I’d like to come up with a way to confront my oral hygiene and dental fear.
  • My sleep “hygiene” is like Fresno heat: unpredictable, maddening, and angry.
  • I’d like to get some Claritin non-drowsy formula to help with my exercise allergy.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I Blog Daily,… & Weekly… It’s Complicated

For those of you new to my blogosphere, here is the May blogging schedule (slightly tweaked from the one I drafted yesterday):

My launchpad, Kourtnie.net, receives updates whenever. Since I use my launchpad as a splatterboard for everyday life, some months I’m enthusiastically (or desperately) updating it once per day, while other months, I’ll only update it once every couple weeks.

Also, for those of you who are really interested in how I’m writing half-a-million words this year, this is my teaching, fiction, and poetry schedule:

  • Monday: DuoTrope
  • Tuesday: College of the Sequoias
  • Wednesday: Fresno City College
  • Thursday: Poets & Writers
  • Friday: The Mighty
  • Saturday: pumpin’ out a novella—
  • Sunday: no problem—

Once summer starts, I plan to use Mondays and Wednesdays to sell lesson plans and Etsy products, just to get in the swing of slowly shifting my teaching schedule to M/W by fall semester. Because new habit formations is my Kryptonite.

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PS – I maaay have sent a half-written post to my subscribers early today due to auto-scheduling. I’m still smoothing this whole blogging operation out. Oopsie.