a week with my dad


My father visited for five days, since last Monday evening. I just dropped him off at the train station earlier today, then plugged away at the Lands Above and Lands Below: Novel Notes for my next book project.

But first, the visit with my dad!: in no particular order, we went to the water park, the mall (bought three blind Mermicorno boxes from Boxlunch), then we ate garlic food (including garlic ice cream) at the Gilroy Garlic Festival; and we also ate Cheesecake Factory and Rocket Dog (twice). We visited Chase’s mom so his family could meet my dad, and I could meet his sister from Connecticut. The whole week felt quite eventful.

I managed to get my Hearthstone quests done, but other than that, my daily activities went out the window. No writing. Not a lot of reading. Watched a few episodes of Making of a Murderer with Chase and my dad, though; it was their first time seeing it, and my second go-through. Also snuck in a 2017 comedy show from Louise CK and a movie, Dirty Grandpa, until I felt like I was having too much fun and spinning and circles, smoking and drinking into sleep. Again: super eventful.

I should have blogged more often. I should’ve written it all down!—but I just showered off the last of the garlic sweat, and it’s back to the fantasy world, to finish my novel, to try my damnest to produce another rough-draft book by the end of the year.



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