Seaweed Farms Heal Our Acidic Oceans

I want to understand what we need to do in response to climate change, so I know which jobs will help reverse our trajectory towards severe weather.

As I research different responses to climate change—and the careers intertwined in those ideas—I’ll share my findings here. For example, today I researched seaweed farmers:

In the future novel I’ll write about climate change, I’d like one of the characters to live as a seaweed farmer, contributing to the restoration of our acidic oceans.

Her hobby will be betta keeping, something my husband and I practice IRL.

Anyway, I’m hoping to update this blog every couple of weeks until the climate-change-savvy job list is extensive enough to feel complete. And if I do this right, I’ll have character ideas for many existential, burning-planet stories to come. (Or maybe I’ll inspire someone to pursue an Earth-friendly career. That would be the lottery win.)

My previous blog posts about our garden are in a new “Gardening Blog” category. Occasionally, I’ll continue to add to my Gardening Blog, but for now, I’ll mostly use this space to investigate responses to climate change.

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