Seeking Cluck-Cluckers

Play-pretend farmer looking for:

  • bantam chicken
  • friend for bantam chicken (who is probably another bantam chicken)
  • colored eggs and/or crazy feathers preferred

Providing the following digs:

  • handmade coop with magenta heart door
  • attached chicken run
  • convenient, house-provided overhang for shade and rain protection

Bantam chicken work qualifications:

  • poop all over the garden
  • be willing to eat the red beetles that keep creep me out
  • no cucumber allergies (cucumber neighbors next door to digs)

Intern chicks okay. We’ll train to hire.

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My Love for Ladybugs

In my elementary school years, on the weekends, my dad would often drive us up in a Frankenstein Volkswagen beetleโ€”the old-school kindโ€”to Big Bear Mountain to camp. One trip, we found ladybugs crawling by the thousands all over a granite rock, and since then, I’ve become obsessed.

The granite lock was likely a ladybug love hub:


Last year, we purchased ladybugs for our garden to help with the aphids; and this year, I’ve seen a few out there, but not nearly as many. Do I purchase them again?

We need to set up our timer and drip system. We have these thingsโ€”I purchased them awhile ago, with money we were gifted for Christmasโ€”but it’ll involve taking a day to work on the garden for several hours. And it can’t be tomorrow. I’m unsure if we have plans Friday. If we don’t, we’ll have to wait a few days, because there’s another heat spike this coming weekend.

Someday, I’ll Return

I want to go back
to where I witnessed the divine

in a cavern
under the glow of worms
lighting the subterranean.

When I return to this
place with my soul open wide,
I’ll highlight the dark crevices

and document the enigmatic
explanation my consciousness

makes out of Our Big
& Wondrous Bang.